Friday, February 22, 2019


NAB looking into 44 cases of housing scams in Karachi

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Friday revealed that currently, it is handling 44 cases of housing societies scams in Karachi alone. According to a...

District court acquits men named in Sana Cheema’s murder case

A district court in Gujrat on Friday acquitted all those named in the murder of Pakistani-origin Italian citizen Sana Cheema. The judge released the men,...

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The 7 Best Winter Hats for Men

A winter wardrobe should be made to last, with classic coats, durable knits, and sturdy boots you can wear for years. But when you...

4 Gloves You Can Text In

Thankfully, deciding between answering that text and keeping your hands warm inside your gloves no longer has to be a tradeoff. Grab a pair...


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Honda Just Unveiled Its New Hydrogen-Powered Car

Just when everyone’s getting all excited about electric cars usurping their fossil fuel-guzzling counterparts, Honda has announced that its hydrogen-powered cars will go on...

Galaxy S10 Leak Exposes Samsung’s Serious Problem

Despite its pricing concerns, there’s a lot to love about Samsung’s heavily redesigned Galaxy S10. But a new leak has confirmed the most exciting...

Three years after the ban: Who is watching YouTube in Pakistan?

With YouTube predictably becoming the most widespread video-viewing platform in Pakistan, a research conducted shows the rapid growth with which the site has reached...

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