Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Dubai on February 10 2019 on the invitation of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, according to an official release issued by the premier’s spokesperson late Thursday.

The premier has been invited to participate in the seventh edition of the World Government Summit, where he will deliver a keynote address highlighting his vision for a strong and prosperous Pakistan.

According to the release, the summit is an “annual gathering of heads of states/government, policy makers, business leaders and experts” which “will provide an occasion to discuss current and future opportunities to improve governance through reform, innovation and technology.”

“[The] prime minister’s participation will underscore Pakistan’s strong interest in the knowledge economy, artificial intelligence, green development and the importance of innovation for growth,” the release stated.

According to his office, the prime minister will also meet the UAE’s leadership. He will be accompanied by the ministers of foreign affairs, finance, maritime affairs and his adviser on commerce.



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