Lubricant has become a more common fixture on drugstore shelves. In fact, there are more lube options than ever before: Lube for him, for her, that warm, that tingle, or that make your parts taste like strawberry or mint.

Unfortunately, lube rarely ever comes with instructions, which leaves many men and women in the dark about which lubes to use for better, more pleasurable sex.

No worries—I’m here to help! Here are four different types of lube that will help you get the most out of four very different sexual adventures.

For Marathon Sex

Warm up with Trojan Tonight’s Pre-Game lube, which can double as a massage oil. After, switch to longer-lasting Game Time lube. $15,

For All-Natural Sex

Good Clean Love is mild enough to use every day, thanks to its natural, glycerin-free, organic ingredients. $16,

For Shower Sex

Sex with suds tends to be better in theory. Wet Platinum changes that: Unlike water-based lubes, silicone will stay slick. $8,

For Backdoor Sex

If anal sex is on the menu, you’ll want to use a few drops of Gun Oil (the lube). It helps smooth your entry with soothing aloe and vitamin E. $14,


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