Laughter may be the best aphrodisiac: A recent study in Evolutionary Psychologysuggests that women have and initiate more sex with guys who have a good sense of humor. Plus, ladies reported more frequent orgasms when partnered with funny fellas.

“A sense of humor is a good proxy for intelligence,” says study author Gordon G. Gallup, Ph.D. Throughout evolution, females who mated with intelligent males may have been more likely to thrive, Gallup says, so women might be hardwired to prefer these types of men. That may also explain why women reported that they initiated sex more often with partners they described as determined and focused, he says.

A knack for wisecracks might also convey that you have chutzpah. “Women rated partners who had a good sense of humor as being more self-confident,” says Gallup.

How do your jokes bring her pleasure? “I think particularly in females, orgasm has a very strong psychic component,” says Gallup. “And to the extent that her sex partner excels on a lot of these dimensions, that ramps up the psychic component—and as a consequence, makes frequent, more intense orgasms more likely. “

To improve your funny quotient, consider this: A recent study in Personality and Individual Differences suggests that playful people tend to use a type of comedy called affiliative humor. It’s non-hostile—rather than putting people down, this kind of humor usually affirms you and others, according to study author Arnie Cann, Ph.D.

A typical joke might highlight a shared experience, such as waiting in line or observing an awkward situation. Here’s a good one, according to Cann’s research: “You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.”



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