ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari demanded of the country’s leadership to rise to the occasion and exposed the nefarious designs of India at all international fora.

Speaking in the National Assembly, he urged the prime minister to demonstrate the kind of leadership which “every Pakistani expects from him”.

He said Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi was playing with fire and the Indian move to change status of Kashmir was not only an attack on Kashmir but also an attack on the United Nations, on international law, norms and precedents, democracy, rule of law, and inalienable right to self determination.

Bilawal said it was also not only an attack on the Muslims of Kashmir, but it was an attack on India, on the idea of secular and democratic India.

He said, “It is an attack on the India of Nehru and Gandhi, but it is also an attack on the India of Vajpayee.”

He said neither the Kashmiri people nor we would accept India’s move at any cost.

Bilawal said that India’s excessive deployment in the region, expulsion of pilgrims and tourists, closure of educational institutions and the arrest of politicians who had served as allies to the Indian government has culminated in “a brutal, historical attack.

The PPPP Chairman said the unilateral ursurptions of rights forever guaranteed to Kashmiris, the unilateral, illegal revocation of Article 35-A and 370 demolished the historical identity of occupied Kashmir.

He said this Indian move would open the door for Kashmiris to be turned into a minority in their own homes.

Bilawal said India had opened up a Pandora box which would engulf the entire region in flames. The move had also opened the door to a potential nuclear catastrophe, he added.

He lauded the President for summoning the joint session of the Parliament on this important issue. He said Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto always raised the Kashmir issue at all international forum.

Bilawal said Kashmiris were our brothers and sisters and their struggle for justice and freedom was very important.

He said Modi was an extremist prime minister and it was a right time to expose him before the international community.

He was of the view, we had also lost such opportunities in the past but now we had to devise prudent strategy.

Bilawal suggested we should approach United Nations, UN Security Council and Organization of Islamic Cooperation against the Indian atrocities in the occupied valley and changing its historical status.



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