KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter president Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that Bilawal should remember that the probe against Maryam Nawaz in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case was initiated in the government of Pakistan Peoples’ Party.

Addressing a press conference at Sindh assembly premises, flanked by PTI Sindh information secretary

Jamal Siddiqui and other leaders, he said if Bilawal had gotten political training from Benazir Bhutto he would not have uttered that words which he uttered in assembly previous day. He said the choice of words of Bilawal shows that he is trained by no other but Asif Zardari.

He reminded Bilawal that the probe in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case was initiated in the government of PPP. Maryam Nawaz was a shareholder of Chaudhry Sugar Mills from 1995. He asked why Bilawal was not emotional at that time.

He said now it has been proved that Bilawal himself was the head of a fake-accounts company. He said Bilawal is now afraid of going to jail in this case. He said if he is worried about putting women in jails, why so many women are in prisons of Sindh today. These women should also be released as there are also mothers and sisters.

Haleem Adil said where Bilawal was when female teachers and nurses of Sindh were being dragged on streets when they were protesting for their rights. He said after the new police order, Sindh police has become a personal maid of the PPP rulers. He said now the Sindh police are not the police force of era of IGP AD Khuwaja. He said afraid of their postings and transfers, police officers in Sindh are ready to become personal servants of the rulers.

Haleem Adil said that a DSP used foil language against PTI MPA Raja Azhar but no action is taken against him. He said after new police order when a case was registered against me in Ghotki, all ministers of PPP were present there. He said in Dadu Wapda employees were kidnapped and tortured but no FIR was filed. He said when our assembly members are beaten and MNA Alamgir Khan is tortured, Sindh police do nothing.

He said rains have again hit Sindh. During the previous rains there was no preparedness found on the part of Sindh government and this time it also seems so. He said the ministry of Saeed Ghani was washed way in relatively lighter rains, and now it is feared that the chair of Sindh chief minister would go in the present heavy rains.

Haleem Adil said Zardari says that he would bring a no-confidence motion in Senate again. He said he may do so, but also should think about Sindh where many PPP MPAs are about to go. He claimed that the whole budget of Sindh was deposited in fake bank accounts and nothing is spent on the welfare of poor masses.



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