This year, end the fights with colds and flu!

Colds and flu are not inevitable. They are avoidable!

Cold and flu germs ambush us. They are unseen on surfaces or in the air.  It’s not until you get the sniffles or sore throat that you know they’ve found you.

This timely guide will help you keep your distance and build your resistance. You’ll find practical tips to reduce your exposure to germs and you’ll discover proactive measures that will help you and your family stay cold-and-flu-free.

You’ll be reading recommendations prepared by the doctors at Harvard Medical School for this cold-and-flu season. Cold and Flu is filled with clear, instructive guidance that will give you the upper hand.  You’ll learn…… the most effective strategies to win the “cold” wars.

The guide will brief you on steps to shield yourself from cold viruses and optimal ways to strengthen your body’s cold-defense mechanisms.  You’ll find tips for reducing your child’s risk of catching a cold and special considerations for older adults.

…six ways to stop flu from getting to you.

You don’t want to fool with the flu. Each year more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized because of it.   But which flu vaccine is right for you?   Should you take an antiviral medication?  What else can you do to prevent the flu?   The guide will tell you.