5 Quickie Sex Positions to Try When You’re in a Hurry

We’ll be the first to say that a nice, long, slow sex session is sometimes exactly what you need to reconnect with your partner, relax, and (especially for the ladies) orgasm. However, we’re also big fans of a good quickie. Whether it’s because you’re sleepy before bed, short on time before rushing out the door in the morning, or just because you’re in the mood for some short and sweet nookie, quickies can be totally satisfying in a very different way.

Ahead, check out five sex positions that are great for when you’re in a rush, for whatever reason. They not too complicated, don’t take much time to get into, and most can even be done partially clothed (because hey, every second counts!). We consulted certified sex therapist Marissa Nelson, LMFT, to get her top tips for how to make the absolute most of these quickie positions.

1- Sideways 69


“Consider this an easier and more pleasurable form of 69, since you don’t have to support your partner’s weight and vice versa,” says Nelson. “Plus, the side angle allows a woman to really open her legs wide, which is optimal for getting in there and pleasuring every part of her at a fabulous angle.”

2- Upright Missionary

“This position is ideal for eye gazing, touching each other and playing with breasts and nipples, as well as possibly stimulating the clitoris based on the angle and rubbing back and forth,” says Nelson. “Putting a pillow under the lower back can help give an arch and make penetration easier.”

3- Wrapped Butterfly

“This is a good pelvic angle for G-spotting and deep penetration,” says Nelson. “Couples can make eye contact and hold each other’s hips and going in unison. It’s great position for men that want to last longer before ejaculating.”

4- Lying Rodeo

“This position gives the top partner the ability to be empowered and control the pace and depth of penetration,” says Nelson. “It tends to be more comfortable if you support your weight on your elbows, and then grind and stimulate the upper wall and cervix for maximum pleasure.”

5- North Face


“This is a great position to teach or re-teach your lover or partner how to give you oral sex the way you like it,” says Nelson. “You can move back and forth and up and down and a pace that feels the best for you, and can hold their head and tongue in just the right position until you bring yourself to orgasm.”