Arab man to pay Dh97,940 penalty to release Filipina from jail

A Saudi man, Abdulaziz Khamees, has come forward to pay penalty of 100,000 Riyals (approximately Dh97,000) on behalf of a Filipina prisoner in Jeddah to facilitate her release.

Junevie San Juan was sentenced to three years in jail plus penalty of 100,000 Riyals in October 2013 for smuggling drugs from Manila.

Consul RJ Sumague of the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah had asked for Juan’s release as she had completed her jail term but authorities said that as she was unable to pay the enormous penalty, she could not be set free.

Khamees who can speak Tagalog, heard Juan and spoke to her parents during their arranged visit to Jeddah. He informed them that he wanted to help Juan as he believed she is innocent, according to Saudi Arabian reports quoted in Filipino Times.

Juan was arrested few days after she arrived in the Kingdom for the first time to work as a dental assistant. She was charged for smuggling the prohibited substance into the country. However, Juan denies the allegations and said she is a victim of a drug-smuggling syndicate.

Now, Juan is free to return to her home country, thanks to kindhearted Khamees.