Bank staffer raped on pretext of tap repair in India

A 29-year-old senior official of a national bank in North Delhi has accused a man of raping her on the pretext of repairing her water tap.

The incident took place at her residence on the night of December 19 last year. Delhi Police have registered an FIR for rape.

The victim, who has been working with the bank for three years, was transferred to Delhi around eight months ago. Having been given the responsibility of keys of the branch, she rented an accommodation close to it.

“Being a single woman and somebody new to the Capital, I preferred renting an accommodation close to my office. I got to know about my landlord through a known customer. The house had four floors. Just below my floor was a gym,” she told Mail Today.

On the night of the incident, her servant, who was also the guard at the bank’s ATM, told her that there was no water in the tap.

“My servant was cooking dinner for me when I reached home. He told me there was no water in the house as the water connection was turned off from the main tank. I went downstairs to the gym, which was run by my landlord’s son. I requested him to help me open the main water connection but he refused,” she said.

The accused, who was present in the gym and listening to the conversation, followed her till her apartment on the pretext of opening the main tap.

“At night, I did not want to take the risk of going alone to the terrace as it is extremely slippery close to the tank. I decided to take the man’s help. My servant left as soon as he arrived. But the man grabbed me and started inappropriately touching me. When I objected, he pushed me inside the bedroom and penetrated my v***** with his fingers,” said the FIR. It was the woman’s tablet that came to her rescue.

“During the assault, I saw my tablet lying on the bed. I picked it up and smashed his face with it and drove him outside the building,” she said.

The victim’s counsel, Sanjeev Kumar Ojha, told Mail Today that what followed was worse. The news of the assault reached the victim’s colleagues and she is being shamed, he said.

“We have given a complaint to the Delhi Commission for Women against the harassment my client has been put through by her co-workers,” the counsel said.

The woman claims it has become difficult for her to go to work as her colleagues have put her in an embarrassing situation. “I am being told I have brought a bad name to the branch when I did not even mention the name of the branch or my work area in the police complaint.”