Cyber cell arrests one after Parvathy complains against …

Cyber cell arrests one after Parvathy complains against cyberbullying; Mollywood’s battle of the sexes continues.

Severely attacked and trolled on social media for days over her remarks on the Movie Kasaba and its misogynistic dialogues, actor Parvathy filed a complaint with the police against cyberbullying.

According to the latest reports, the cyber cell has arrested one person. The officials also hint that more arrests are imminent.

The award-winning actress became a target of social media memes and open threats due to her comments on dialogues from the 2016 cop thriller, Kasaba, starring Mammootty and directed by debutant Nithin Renji Panicker.

Parvathy expressed her concerns over the male heroes mouthing misogynistic rhetoric in popular Malayalam movies and referred to Mammootty’s dialogues, without naming the superstar, from the movie Kasaba as an example. But, the superstar’s fans took offence to it and unleashed a full-fledged online abuse against Parvathy.

The cyberbullying was so fierce that it went to the extent of calling her “cheap feminist”. As celebrities from Mollywood started taking sides, along with the attacks and counterattacks, it became a battle of the sexes on the social media.

Parvathy, who is known to be very active and opinionated on her social media platforms, slammed the abusers by posting the notorious “OMKV” acronym.

The “OMKV”, a popular acronym in the urban Malayalam cyber lexicon which stands for “Odu Malare kandam vazhi”. It is used to counter someone’s illogical, or inappropriate comment. It started trending on the social media platforms as people turned to supporting or criticising Parvathy.

People who claimed to be superstar Mammootty’s fans flooded Parvathy’s Facebook page and other social media platforms with rude and ridiculing comments. The actress even revealed to the media that she had read every word that had been written about her in this issue.

Parvathy, who won the Best Actor, (Female) Award at the recently wrapped up International Film Festival of India in Goa, for her stunning performance in the Malayalam flick ‘Take Off’, is flying high in her career, while the battle of the sexes set the social media ablaze.

Parvathy rose to prominence with the hits like Maryan (2013), Bangalore Days (2014), and Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015). She also made her Bollywood debut opposite Irrfan Khan in the movie Qarib Qarib Singlle this year.