Emiratis hail growing UAE-India ties…

The second visit to the UAE by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen as crucial by many Emiratis who expect a leap in innovations and business ventures if ties are strengthened between the two countries.

India-UAE bilateral relations have touched an all-time high. In the past three years alone, four official visits have been made between the UAE and India.

Dana Al Suwaidi, communications manager based in Abu Dhabi, said strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries is crucial.

“India is an important demographic and economic powerhouse in Asia, and I believe the Prime Minister’s visit will serve as an impetus to the partnership between UAE and India.”

Al Suwaidi said she is looking forward to see how the two countries will collaborate on space technologies, as it is one of the 14 agreements the leaders of the two countries will sign.

“The investments between the two countries exceed billions of dollars, so I think this visit will also help strengthen and solidify our business ties, innovations, skills and ventures with India,” she added.

Khalifa Al Fahim, an Emirati senior systems analyst, said he hoped the visit would first and foremost, help intensify economic cooperation.

“India is the UAE’s top trading partner and I hope this will further improve business relations with the country and will hopefully open more opportunities for new businesses to develop – big and small.

“India is rich and has many wealthy individuals who find the UAE a safe haven to do business. Their investments here also directly benefit our economy.”

Dr Ebtesam Al Ketbi, president of the Emirates Policy Centre, a think-tank based in Abu Dhabi, told Khaleej Times that the visit will enhance joint ventures between both nations in various sectors.

“This visit reflects how the UAE is important for India. It also indicates the UAE is an attractive model. India is a rising power in Asia and it is important for the UAE to have a strong partnership with India.

“I think this visit will see the strategic partnership between two countries flourishing in various sectors. The UAE leadership is going in the right direction by diversifying their partnership with other countries,” added Dr. Al Ketbi.

Dr Abdulla Al Mudhafar, a physician, said he hoped the official visit will lead to the development of more ideas and innovations in the field of medicine, particularly since a large number of the UAE’s top doctors are from India.

“Forging ties in the medical field will benefit both countries since many of the doctors in the UAE are from India.”

“The history of Indian doctors in the UAE goes all the way back to the country’s foundation. We hope to see new innovations and partnership in the latest medical technologies that India is continuously developing.”

Khalifa Al Shamsi, an Emirati financial analyst, said the agreements in the field of finance and skills development, which both countries will sign, will go a long way in boosting the economy.

“We are excited about Indian Prime Minister’s visit to the UAE this weekend. The ties between our two countries are imperative and always have been strong throughout history.”

“Since we have many business ventures with India, it is important to continue working together,” he added.

Al Shamsi highlighted that he was also happy to see more than 2.5 million Indians working and living in the UAE, many of which now call the UAE their home.

Khalid Al Hashimi, an engineer, said the close relationship between the two nations does not come as a surprise with the sheer size of the Indian diaspora in the UAE.

“The Indian community really appear to be happy and comfortable in the UAE. We have thousands of Indian restaurants and shops across the country and even a Bollywood Park, which everyone loves.”

“It is interesting to see how popular Bollywood stars are here, especially among Emiratis, which is probably also why they often visit and appear on red carpets and film festivals.”