Husband of Bollywood star Sridevi admits he did not immediately phone………

Husband of Bollywood star Sridevi admits he did not immediately phone police after he found her dead in a hotel bath as he reveals her final moments

The husband of Bollywood actress Sridevi has admitted he did not immediately phone police after finding her dead in the bath of their Dubai hotel room last Saturday.

The 54-year-old star was found submerged in a bathtub at a hotel by husband Boney Kapoor.

Boney has now told his friend Komal Nahta what happened at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, with Nahta writing up their exchange on his blog.

It comes as rumours continue to circulate that Sridevi was murdered – with a high-ranking Indian MP among those saying her death was not an accident.

Boney Kapoor et al. posing for the camera: Sridevi Kapoor, pictured with her husband Boney and their daughters Jhanvi and Khushi, was found dead in a bath in her room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel in Dubai

Boney has now told his old friend Komal Nahta what happened at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, with Nahta writing up their exchange on his blog

Boney, 62, said he had ‘surprised’ his wife at the hotel at about 5.30pm, where the two ‘kissed and cuddled like a couple of teenagers’ for an hour, The Mirror reported.

He then went to the living room while Sridevi went to the bathroom, Boney told Komal.

Boney then watched TV for about 20 minutes before realising it was 8pm and it would be difficult to get a table a restaurant.

At this point, he said, he began shouting at Sridevi, who did not respond.

Komal wrote: ‘Boney’s impatience made him shout out to Sridevi from the living room itself. After calling out to her twice, Boney lowered the volume of the TV set.

‘Still no reply. He then walked to the bedroom and knocked at the bathroom door and even called out to her.

‘The unsuspecting husband, hearing the tap inside on, then called out ‘Jaan, Jaan’ [‘life’, an address Kapoor used for his wife] still louder but got no reply, which was unusual.’

He then ‘panicked’ and unlocked the door before finding his wife ‘immersed completely’.

Boney said he then tried to revive Sridevi, failed and so called his friend.

He called police at around 9pm, the Khaleej Times claims.

He broke his silence to pay a heartbreaking tribute to his wife on Thursday.

But high-ranking Indian politician Dr Subramanian Swamy has said he believes Sridevi was murdered, citing sources in Dubai.

Boney said he found it difficult to find the right words to describe his pain after India mourned her passing and her funeral took place with thousands turning out to pay their respects in Mumbai.

The film producer, who was married to the star for 21 years, said: ‘Losing a friend and mother of your two young daughters is a loss inexplicable in words.

He said: ‘…To me she was my love, my friend, mother to our girls, my partner.

‘To our daughters she was their everything…their life. She was the axis around which our family ran.

‘The curtains never come down on an actor’s life because they shone on the silver screen forever.

He added: ‘My only concern at this time is to protect my daughters and find a way to move forward without Sri.

‘She was our life, our strength and the reason we always smiled. We love her beyond measure.’

Mr Kapoor was in her hotel suite on last Saturday evening when she failed to emerge from the bathroom. When he forced open the door, she had drowned.

Police have confirmed her death was accidental and sources in Dubai said he had been devastated and was ‘breaking down every ten minutes’ over the four days it took to clear formalities and fly her body back to Mumbai for today’s Hindu funeral service

After countless Bollywood stars and thousands of fans turned out at the funeral in Mumbai, he appealed for privacy.

He said:’ As we bid goodbye to my beloved wife and Kushi and Janhvi’s mama, I have a sincere request. Please respect our need to grieve privately.

‘If you need to talk of Sri, let it be of the special memories that connect each of you to her.

‘She was and is an actor that is irreplaceable. Love and respect her for that.’

His final message to his wife who died while he waited for her to finish a bath and join him for a romantic meal was: ‘Rest in peace my love. Our loves will never be the same again.’

On Wednesday, thousands of heartbroken fans lined the streets near the Kapoor family’s house to pay their respects and follow the funeral cortege through Mumbai.

Her body was dressed in her favourite red and golden saree for her final journey and contained in a glass casket.

Police had to ‘lathi charge’ – use their batons – on the growing crowd, said to number more than 7,000, which included people who had travelled hundreds of miles to be there.

The high-ranking Indian politician who claimed Sridevi was murdered has refused to back down or say sorry.

Despite police confirming the Indian actress drowned accidentally in her hotel bathtub here, Dr Subramanian Swamy, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, was adamant that he had nothing to apologise for.

Sridevi’s widower Boney Kapoor was ‘devastated’ at the ‘hysterical’ and ill-judged theories that followed his wife’s death as he waited in her hotel suite in Dubai last Saturday.

But the Indian MP Dr Swamy admitted his claims of murder were based on ‘inference’ and information from sources within Dubai who he refused to identify.

Dr Swamy had claimed there may have been links to an underworld criminal who he said had links to ‘cinema actresses’.

Speaking to MailOnline, he said: ‘The problem is that the murder took place in Dubai and there is nothing I can do, than just give an opinion about what I heard from my friends there.

‘I don’t think there is very much I can add. I am an Indian citizen. I cannot be able to devote my time to finding out what happened in Dubai. In India I can do it because I have a network.’

Asked if he had any evidence that the 54-year-old star was murdered as he claimed, he said: ‘No. How can I have evidence?’

He said a ‘variety of facts’ had been given to him such as her time of death and the time she had gone into the bathroom and the circumstances she had been found in which had led him to speak out.

He added: ‘How is it possible for a person of 5ft 7in to get drowned in a bathtub unless someone pushed her down in the water and kept her down below the water level?’

Asked why he continued to press his belief that Sridevi was killed, he said: ‘This is from my work on other murders in India… I just do it by inference that this is not a case of natural death.

‘But beyond that there is nothing I can do because this is all in Dubai and Dubai is not even a democracy.’

Asked if he had any regrets towards the stress his remarks may have caused Mr Kapoor and his daughters, he said: ‘No…I know who they are. I might have run into them in social occasions.

‘My remarks were for public consumption not for the family. But I don’t know whether they are too frightened to speak or not.

‘I have no idea. I will not spend my time. I take hold of a project and I don’t let go to the end. This is not worth my time because it is in a foreign country.’

Told that his statements were out of sync with the official investigators and that he risked offending the Kapoors again, he said: ‘I am saying it is a public person and it is nobody else’s business.

‘This is what I felt. The Dubai police have concluded and they are no paragons of virtue and I do not have to believe what they say.’

Last week Sridevi’s husband launched a bid for the speculation over his wife’s death to stop and for consideration to be given to his family.

He said: ‘As we bid goodbye to my beloved wife and Kushi and Janhvi’s mama, I have a sincere request. Please respect our need to grieve privately.

‘If you need to talk of Sri, let it be of the special memories that connect each of you to her.

‘She was and is an actor that is irreplaceable. Love and respect her for that.’

Born as Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapa in the state of Tamil Nadu, Sridevi began acting in south Indian cinema at the age of four.

She then moved into Bollywood, where she rocketed to stardom by way of the 1983 film Himmatwala.

The belle époque of her career was the 1980s and 1990s, during which her releases included the superhero movie Mr India, the separated-at-birth comedy ChaalBaaz, the revenge fantasy Nagina and the romantic triangle drama Tohfa.

Her incredible film career saw her work in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, and in 2013 she was fêted with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest of the civilian honours granted by the Government Of India.

Sridevi was in her heyday a massive box office draw, in addition to which she won five Filmfare Awards, the Hindi movie industry’s answer to the Oscars.

After marrying Boney Kapoor in 1996, Sridevi got another Filmfare nod for her performance in 1997’s Judaai before withdrawing from the movies.

A 15-year big screen hiatus followed, during which she and Boney brought up two daughters – Jhanvi, 20, and Khushi, 17.

The time eventually came when Sridevi itched to return to films, and she launched her comeback with the 2012 hit English Vinglish, which India submitted unsuccessfully to the Oscars.

Her last film release was the 2017 thriller Mom, which was reported to be her 300th motion picture, and of which the Times Of India rhapsodized that ‘Sri demonstrates why she is the high-priestess of desi cinema.’