Kemerovo shopping centre fire death toll rises to 37 and 69 missing with children among the dead

WARNING DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: The fire ripped though the Winter Cherry shopping centre in Siberia where horrifying video captured footage of adults leaping from the burning building.

Horrifying footage has captured the desperate moment shoppers jumped from the fourth floor of a burning shopping centre to escape a blaze believed to have killed at least 37 people.

The fire at a shopping centre in Siberia, Russia ripped though building forcing some people to try and jump for safety as black smoke poured out of broken windows.

Authorities warned that up 69 people – including 40 children were missing after the fire at the Winter Chery mall in Kemerovo.

It is understood that one of the jumpers smashed into an awning over a door in front of screaming onlookers and died.

A total of 13 bodies were found by firefighters near a single locked fire exit, firefighters said.

The fire has killed at least 37 people (Image: TASS)

The deathtoll makes this one of the greatest tragedies in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union 27 years ago.

Initial reports suggested it was caused by arson.

The fire started from the trampoline room” – a children’s zone in the complex,” said deputy governor Vladimir Chernov.

“The preliminary theory is that one of the children had a cigarette lighter.

“ Fire started right in the foamed trampoline pool, which flared up like gunpowder.”

It is one of the worst tragedies to strike Russia in recent years (Image: TASS)

Fifteen fire teams including 60 firemen were at the scene of the incident.

One boy, Sergey Moskalenko, 11, jumped for his life from an open window in the mall, with black smoke gushing out.

An excruciating video shows how he crashed onto an awning above a doorway in the Winter Cherry mall in Kemerovo – but amid confusion tonight over the toll, it is believed he miraculously survived.

Desperate people were seen leaping from the burning building (Image: The Siberian Times)

One girl, Viktoria ‘Vika’ Pochankona, 12, was trapped in a cinema in the shopping complex in Kemerovo.

Her fate is currently not known – but it is clear from her words that she feared she would be burned alive.

She had been with a dozen or so classmates watching a film.

Her last known phone call was to her aunt Evgenia, who said: “She told me: ‘Everything is burning.

Viktoria Pochankina is missing after the blaze (Image: The Siberian Times)
Sergey Moskalenko, 11, injured, jumped from 4th floor (Image: The Siberian Times)
Viktoria Pochankina’s auntie said she was trapped in a blazing cinema (Image: The Siberian Times)
It is not known if Viktoria escaped the blaze (Image: The Siberian Times)
Vilena Chernikova, 11, missing (Image: The Siberian Times)
Daria Saraeva, 11, is missing (Image: The Siberian Times)

She told me: ‘Auntie, tell all my family I love them.

“‘Tell mum that I loved her…’

The call ended.

Evgenia added: “The school vacations have just began and almost all their class was there – about 10 people.

“Two or three parents and a teacher.

“The teacher left the kids in the cinema and went with parents in the shopping mall. So all the adults survived…”

One distraught mother said all five of her children were in the complex.

She was reported saying “she doesn’t know what happened to them”.

One missing girl was Maria Moroz, 13.

She went missing with her mother Polina and friends in the same cinema where Vika was trapped.

Rescuers were tonight combing through the mall mayhem looking for survivors after a blaze which lasted at least five hours – and also wiped out a petting zoo in the complex.