KP Assembly MPAs sold their votes for Rs 1.2 billion in Senate polls: report

Peshawar  – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister presented on Wednesday a report bearing names of 13 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPAs, who allegedly sold their votes in the Senate elections, to party’s Chairman Imran Khan.

Imran is likely to expose thier names in a presser today.

According to sources, MPAs Javed Naseem, Qurban Ali, Yaseen Khalil, Abaidullah Mayar, Zahid Ullah, Naseem Hayat, Nagina Khan, Nargis, Dina Naz and Amjad Afridi are included in the list.

The report on alleged horse-trading in Senate polls said that several MPAs “sold their conscience” for Rs 1.2 billion.

According to the report, PTI MPAs raked in Rs 600 million. “Thirty PTI MPAs were offered to sale their votes in exchange for money, and 15 MPAs were paid the amount during horse-trading,” the report says.

It added that a PTI MPA also declined to accept the offer. “Some MPAs belonging to Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) and Awami National Party (ANP) were also paid the amount.”

Names of a handful of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs have also been exposed in the list.

Giving the break-up, the report says that three KP Assembly members received Rs 110.4million on February 27, five received Rs 40 million each in Peshawar the next day, while three received Rs 30 million each on March 2. “A female MPA also refused to receive Rs 30 million and demanded Rs 50 million instead,” the report added.

The spokesman for the PTI, Fawad Chaudrhy, says that the party has decided to expose those who sold their votes. He said that only the PTI leadership had had the courage to expose their names unlike other political parties.