Man dies in UAE after news of mother’s death in India

An Indian expat died of heart-attack after hearing the news of his mother’s demise back home. Anil Kumar Gopinathan from Kerala worked at a tailoring shop in Umm Al Quwain for 20 years. The incident happened last week amid festive rush at his shop. Last Thursday, Anil was informed about his mother’s death.

Same night his brother Santosh, based in Dubai, flew back to home in Kollam district. Anil was set to fly on Friday but next day friends found him in collapsed condition in his room. They rushed him to hospital but in vain. The documents for repatriation took time and the body will be flown on Saturday night.

The worst part, friends said, is that for past few days people were visiting the home in Kollam knowing about the twin deaths of Anil and his mother Kousalya. However, Anil’s family wasn’t told about his death. They never knew why they were being personally consoled.

Till Saturday morning, Anil’s wife Molli and daughter Athira were expecting him to return and comfort them in hour of emotional distress but now they know that it will just his body which will reach them in Parippally village town on Sunday morning.