New Dubai radar to have ‘live discussions’ with traffic

A new live-streaming radar that can slide down or up a highway railing and capture images of drivers driving illegally on the hard shoulder, speeding, jaywalkers or even reckless drivers, is being launched in November, Ali Alramsi a captain at the Dubai Police, told Khaleej Times.

This radar will be placed mainly on highways and will be streaming the roads in real-time. Police officers will be able to monitor the situation that the radar is streaming on a mobile or a smart tablet app.

“This radar captures drivers who are driving on the hard shoulder, over speeding. It also has plate recognition cameras, live streaming cameras and voice messaging for warning,” Alramsi said. “It can be controlled through mobile applications or any smart tablet apps. It can be all over the streets, on the rails.

“It has more than one function, not only over speeding. It has a voice interaction feature which enables us to have a live discussion with a driver if he is driving on the hard shoulder. It can even interact with a jaywalker on the spot.”

Alramsi said that they still have to carry out studies to decide on the specific areas of Dubai that the radars will be installed on, however, it will be most effective on highways.

He said that the new radar will help in reducing the number of hard shoulder drivers, as it can call out to the driver with its voice interaction feature and can also capture images.

“During any crisis, we can use the cameras and do live streaming as it will help decision makers to make appropriate decisions about a certain situation,” Alramsi said.

“The radar will also create more safety for the police officers because the police sometimes cannot stop certain people who are jaywalking, but with this radar, it can call out to the jaywalker and warn him that he has crossed illegally.”

The new radar is a smart innovation among many others that the Dubai Police have implemented on Dubai roads, including radars that fine you for using your mobile phone while driving.