Prince Hamdan’s shooting skills on display … goes viral

Video puts Prince Hamdan’s shooting skills on display … goes viral

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Dubai’s Crown Prince Hamdan is no stranger to impressing people on social media.

Things weren’t so different on Wednesday, when the royal posted a video capturing him aiming and hitting at balloons in a shooting range.

Naturally, the Instagram footage has gone completely viral, amassing over 559,450 views at time of writing.

To say that people are impressed with the crown prince’s shooting skills is quite an understatement.

The video is causing an online frenzy


Captioning the footage, Prince Hamdan wrote:

“Practice makes perfect, will try to do better next time.”

People think his trial is more than enough though. Here’s what many of them had to say on social media:

Many hailed the prince’s shooting skills

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“Mashallah 3aleik ya fazoo3i”


Others were more than impressed

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“Your training sessions are no joke.”

“Multitalented mashallah”

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Not the first time the prince impresses with his skills

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If you happen to follow the adventure-loving Dubai royal on social media, you’ll know that he always manages to amaze people with his posts.

It seems there is nothing Prince Hamdan doesn’t excel at and if you don’t believe us, here’s proof:

His rescue abilities are quite remarkable

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So is his poetry talent


His photography skills are right on point

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He also sure knows his way around wildlife

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Not to forget his incredible athleticism

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And his ability to go viral…


Time and again

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