PTI protest at Sindh assembly continues

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf lawmakers on Monday continued their protest at the Sindh Assembly against increased loadshedding in Karachi and bad governance in the province.

Khurram Sher Zaman and Dr Seema Zia threw bangles at the entrance of the assembly as a sign of protest and lamented that the provincial government has failed to better the province’s condition.

Zaman also claimed that eight to ten hours of loadshedding continues in Karachi but the government has yet to take it seriously.

However, PPP MPA Nisar Khuhro, while talking to reporters, criticised Imran Khan by comparing him to a dictator and dismissed PTI’s protest at the assembly.

Last week, PTI lawmakers staged a protest against alleged corruption in the Sindh government outside the provincial assembly.

“The incumbent government in Sindh has lost its moral standing,” PTI’s parliamentary leader Zaman had stated adding that the provincial government wanted to loot and plunder Sindh.

Zaman had earlier tried to move an adjournment motion in the assembly requesting the speaker to take up the issue and discuss the matter in the house.

However, provincial ministerKhuhro opposed the motion and said: “It is technically unfit to be discussed in this session.”

Later, the speaker dismissed Zaman’s plea amid opposition’s protest.