Rangoli lashes out at Hrithik, says Kangana doesn’t need to ‘stalk an uncle like you’

Rangoli lashes out at Hrithik, says Kangana doesn’t need to ‘stalk an uncle like you’

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s ugly spat seems to be far from over. It’s been a year since the ex-files became public , but the rumoured lovers don’t miss a chance to pull each other down at every given opportunity. After Kangana made some shocking revelations about her alleged relationship with the Krrish 3 actor a few years ago, an old complaint of Hrithik accusing Kangana has gone viral recently.

It was in April this year that Hrithik had filed a complaint against Kangana for stalking him. And with six-months old complaint again making it to national television, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli lashed at the actor. Rangoli, who has stood by Kangana like a rock all this time, gave it back to Hrithik in a series of tweets.

Rangoli lashed out at Hrithik for recirculating the old complaint on a TV channel, and said, “This is the best you can do to save your face? Revive same old stalking, sexually harassing baseless complaint?”

She added that Kangana doesn’t need to stalk an “uncle” like him. She claimed that it was Hrithik who was after her sister.

It all started last year when Kangana seemingly referred to Hrithik as a “silly ex” in an interview. That very day, Hrithik hit back on Twitter saying that he would rather have an affair with the Pope than the women the media has been linking him up with.

From thereon, it escalated – legal notices were exchanged, private emails were made public and accusations were made. With Kangana continuing to give interviews about their fallout, the mudslinging match is far from over.