Russian model in Dubai escapes rapist by jumping from hotel’s sixth floor

Russian model Ekaterina Stetsyuk jumped from the sixth floor of a Dubai hotel to escape a rape attempt, News AU reported earlier this week.

According to the publication, a businessman abused the model and physically assaulted her after she refused to have sex with him. He also attempted to rape her before she jumped from the sixth floor of the hotel, in a bid to escape the horrific attack.

Stetsyuk miraculously survived the fall but suffered a major spinal injury and is now receiving treatment at one of the UAE’s hospitals.

Speaking to the international news outlet, her friend Irina Grossman said:

“To save her life and dignity, she jumped from the sixth floor.”

It has now been reported that Stetsyuk’s attacker was detained at the airport as he attempted to flee Dubai. If convicted in the case, he could face up to 15 years in jail.

The model is now being investigated after her abuser filed a counterclaim



After he was detained, the defendant in the case made a counterclaim against the model stating she was working as an escort in Dubai.

In a statement she made after the incident, the young model’s mother hit back at these claims, stating her daughter was in Dubai on a one-month modeling contract.

According to News AU, the model recorded a video from her hospital bed, reassuring her mother that she is doing better.

International media outlets reported that the model has been placed under hospital arrest until investigations wrap up. However, these reports remain unconfirmed.

Amid the circulating rumors on the case, the Russian Consul in Dubai, Gocha Buachidze, said investigations are still ongoing.

“We are thoroughly studying the situation around Russian citizen Ekaterina Stetsyuk and we are providing all necessary support to her,” he said.

“The investigation is in progress. The Consulate cannot give any more details of the accident due to the request of the citizen herself,” he added.