Salesman breaks open door, rapes woman in Dubai flat

A salesman has gone on trial in the Court of First Instance on the charges of breaking into the flat of a woman and raping her under duress.

Public prosecution records show the 28-year-old man, from Sierra Leone, used a stick to threaten the Egyptian victim and intimidate her.

He denied the charges of rape and theft.

He also allegedly stole Dh170 from the woman’s purse.

The incident was reported to Al Muraqqabat police on December 13, 2014.

The victim, 43, said the defendant came to her place around 8pm and spoke to her from behind the door. “He asked about my flatmate and her phone number. He spoke in English which I am not good at. He then left.”

However, she added, he came back at 1am. “He broke open the door and barged inside. He threatened me with a stick he brought from the kitchen while gagging me to stop me from screaming. I could not stop him from raping me.”

The victim’s flatmate, also Egyptian, 33, said she had gone to her company in Hor Al Anz in the afternoon. “Around midnight, I called my roommate to join me for a meal at a junk food restaurant in Al Rigga street. But she called me one hour later crying and seeking help. She did not sound fine and wanted me to go to her. I called the man from whom I rented the flat and told him to go to her.”

The witness also told the prosecutor: “By the time I reached the flat I found the police were already there. The victim told me the same man who had come earlier had broken into the place and raped her. The place was in a mess and the door’s lock was broken.”

A crime lab report showed the DNA traces lifted from the crime scene matched other samples saved in the police database in connection with other assault incidents registered in Al Nahda, Al Qusais and Al Baraha, Al Muraqqabat in 2015.

The accused has a criminal record and had been involved in two other cases of sexual assault, theft and consuming alcohol without a licence, for which he was convicted and given jail sentences followed by deportation.

The forensic report showed his DNA traces were found on the victim’s body.

The trial has been adjourned to October 29.