Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to feature an in-screen fingerprint reader

With the Galaxy S9 now fully unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018, the mobile industry is now already looking forward to Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9.

What’s more, information about the new Note’s current status has already started leaking, with a particularly juicy leak pointing towards a fingerprint reader in the display.

Well known Samsung leakster MMDDJ says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is currently in an intensive testing period, with its detailed model number listed:



Interestingly, this information about the intensive testing period comes at the same time as rumours about the nature of what the Note 9 is trying to deliver this year, which is a in-screen optical fingerprint sensor. That’s something that up till this point has been elusive in the mainstream flagship smartphone market.



Of course, all this information comes after the rumours that broke earlier in 2018 that stated that Samsung was looking to bring out a foldable smartphone, named the Samsung Galaxy X, to market at the end of this year or early in 2019. If this foldable phone does exist, then it would make sense for it, too, to utilise a fingerprint sensor located beneath its screen.

We loved the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in our review, stating that it was 2017’s “best phone for getting stuff done.” There’s no doubting, though, that an upgraded version of the Note in the form of a Galaxy Note 9 packing a in-display fingerprint sensor, as well as Samsung’s new dual-aperture camera system, AR Emoji and upgraded Bixby smart AI assistant would be a very, very tantalising proposition.