Second wife of Imran Khan flees Pakistan ‘due to death threats’

Imran Khan’s second wife fled Pakistan after receiving death threats for speaking out about the cricketer-turned-politician, she has told a British newspaper.

Reham Khan claimed she had fled the country after receiving threats of being “blown up,” according to a report in The Times.

Individuals seeking to protect Imran Khan’s political career, “told us . . . that anyone who talks about Imran now is going to be blown up,” she told the paper in an interview.

Reham reiterated her claim that the relationship between Imran Khan and his third wife Bushra Watoo began while he was still married to her.

A dual British-Pakistani citizen, Reham Khan came back to Britain during Christmas to finish her autobiography, which is expected to include revelations about her marriage, after she and her assistant were threatened by individuals seeking to protect Khan’s political career.

Recalling the time when he proposed to her she said, “he sent me a message saying I want to know your parents’ names for my spiritual adviser”.

Interestingly, she added, “when we had a spat, he said the spiritual adviser had mixed up the names”.

Reham Khan claimed that while she was married to the PTI chairman, he was “very clear” that becoming prime minister of Pakistan was an end in itself for him.

“He’s a sportsman, he has to bring in the trophy,” she said.

Reham Khan also told the paper that she feels Imran Khan no longer has a chance of becoming the prime minister.