Spiritual Bond With Dalai Lama

Days Days after the ‘Thank You India’ event was shifted from the national capital to Mcleodganj, sparking speculations that New Delhi had cold-shouldered the Dalai Lama to keep Beijing happy, senior leaders of BJP not only turned up at the event here on Saturday to mark 60 years of the Tibetan spiritual leader’s arrival in the country, but also taunted China for sending ‘love letters’ when Indian leaders attended such events.

In the wake of the controversy over the shifting of venue and the uncertainty about the guest list at the event organized by the Tibetan government-inexile, the Narendra Modi government tried to mend its damaged fences with the Tibetan community in India, calling its relationship with the Dalai Lama a spiritual one.

“India has followed ‘One China’ policy from Nehru to Modi. We receive ‘love letters’ from China, particularly when we attend such programmes. But our relation with the Dalai Lama is not political but more spiritual,” BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav said at the event.

The comment on ‘love letters’ was a sarcastic one, referring to the protests China lodges each time India shows any sympathy for the Tibetan cause. However, it was the Indian government that had nudged the Tibetan government-in-exile to shift the event from Delhi to McLeodganj, concerned over a backlash from China.

“This relationship is more spiritual, cultural and religious. Almost, 1,300 years ago we met at Nalanda and Vikramashila. When our books were put on fire at Nalanda by Khilji, Tibetans protected the literature and returned our Indian wisdom back to us,” he said at the event which was attended by Union minister Mahesh Sharma and Kangra MP Shanta Kumar among other BJP leaders.