UAE visa: Good news for Indians…….

New app to help Indians apply for UAE visa

In an effort to simplify work visa procedures for Indians seeking to work in the United Arab Emirates, the government launched hassle-free smartphone app.

According a media report, the app will allow to complete major part of the employment visa procedures whilst in India, making entry in to the UAE easy for workers.

At present the app is available in Hindi and English for Android platforms and plans to launch it in Malayalam are under way considering a substantial number of people applying for work visas from Kerala.

“Much of the procedures that were earlier done in the UAE are now done here. The app will facilitate visa applications and make things easier,” UAE ambassador Ahmed Al Banna was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.

“Earlier the checks were done in the UAE, now they are done in India. We want to cut down the hardships for India and the applicants can now start working within a day of arriving in the UAE,” he added.

The app will act like a manual with guidelines and instructions which will make have key way points to indicate steps completed in the visa process. Besides, it will also alert workers of mandatory requirements like medical checkup, attestation of documents and police clearance certificate.

In India, the UAE has three visa centres in Delhi, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram with Delhi alone issuing about 50,000 work visas last year. Data shows that 1.6 million Indians visited the UAE last year with over 1 million Indians having visited Dubai alone between January 2017 and September 2017.