UAE warning: These infant foods, cosmetics are banned

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has asked relevant authorities to remove tinned food for children and infants due to the possibility of being contaminated with Salmonella.

The ministry also announced warnings of using uncertified products that help quit drugs addiction, cosmetics contain high levels of mercury, herbal losing weight products that cause high blood pressure and other whitening skin products.

The ministry called upon relevant authorities to seize these products which are not registered to the drug department of the ministry.

Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing in the UAE Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Review of Schedules of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances said that the ministry monitors all medicines and cosmetic products and issues warning if it finds dangerous products.

The infants’ food products produced by French company ‘Lactalis International’ which was packed in ‘Craon’ factory because it might be infected with Salmonella would be withdrawn from the market.

“All people must stop using it,” he said.

He also said that the US Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Committee have announced warnings about 12 products that falsely help to quit the addiction of opiates. According to a press statement issued by the ministry of health, the products are: Opiate Freedom Center Opiate Freedom 5-Pack”), U4Life, LLC (“Mitadone”), CalmSupport, LLC (“CalmSupport”), TaperAid (“TaperAid” & “TaperAid Complete”), Medicus Holistic Alternatives LLC (“Natracet”), NutraCore Health Products, LLC (“Opiate Detox Pro”), Healthy Healing, LLC (“Withdrawal Support”), Soothedrawal, Inc. (“Soothedrawal”), Choice Detox Center, Inc. (“Nofeel”), GUNA, Inc. (“GUNA-ADDICT 1”), and King Bio, Inc. (“AddictaPlex”).

Dr Al Amiri said that Dubai Municipality provided the ministry with a warning of three Chinese products that contain high amounts of mercury adding that the names of the products are not recorded in drug department which include “Yalan Cream,” “Slimming Body Capsule Plus,” and “Hao Meng Specific Wipe Off Fleck Cream.”

The ministry warning also included the product “Tarty Slim Plus Capsules” produced by the Thai company “Rawinnipa” because it contains two unwritten components that affect the people with heart and high blood pressure problems negatively, which are “sibutramine and Sibutramine-Desmethylsibutramine.”

The ministry also announced that the product “Golden Bull capsules” by the Italian company Don Vigaron, which is formula for raising ecstasy for men, has unwritten components “sildenafil” that severely reduce blood pressure.

Products of Flawless Beauty which are usually sold though the website contain dangerous components.

He said that people who has information about these products must report to the ministry and if any one used a product and had side effects, he/she must fill a form on the website or call 04-2301448 email: or call toll-free number: 80011111 to report.