Woman spends Dh14,691 on eyelid surgery to look like Barbie

People do strange things to look beautiful but this 30-year-old woman from Los Angeles has gone a step further.

Ophelia Vanity, who is half -Chinese, has spent $4,000 on an eyelid surgery in order to transform her features into looking increasingly ‘western’, resembling that of Barbie.

Apart from the eyelid surgery, the Barbie fan (who has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram) has also undergone rhinoplasty.  She gets Botox and filler injections on a monthly basis and also bleaches her hair to look like a doll, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

She has also made a confession about having to struggle with issues concerning her self-esteem and dealing with anorexia while in high school. She is now in the process of regaining her confidence.

In order to look more like her favourite icon, Ophelia Vanity also plans to get breast and bum implants, get her skin bleached up and even go as far as having four to six of her ribs removed to get a waist as tiny as a Barbie’s.

Ophelia Vanity, as quoted in the Daily Mail, said the Botox and lip injections helps her regain self- esteem, a lack of which pushes her to look more like a human doll.