Bread Cheese Cigars Recipe (made into rolls)

A beautiful fusion #bread #cheese #Eggs and #Spices form these delicious “Bread Cheese Cigars”. Save this video for ramzan and make your family and friends say “Array Wahh”


Bread Cheese Cigar Recipe in English:


Bread pieces 6-8

Mozzarella cheese 250 gm.

Cheddar Cheese 250 gm.

Breadcrumbs 1 cup

Egg 2

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Red Chili flakes 1 Teaspoon

Mixed herbs 1 Teaspoon

Cooking Oil for frying


1- Cut corners of bread.

2- Press the bread with rolling pin.

3- Cut sticks of cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

4- Beat eggs, add salt, pepper, mixed herbs and chili flakes and mix.

5- Take one stick of mozzarella and one stick of cheddar and place on bread.

6- Make a roll and dip it in the beaten egg and then breadcrumbs, after 2 minutes close the ends by pressing them.

7- Heat oil and deep fry.

Delicious Bread Cheese cigars are ready for serving.

Bread Cheese Cigar Recipe in Urdu:


Bread Slices 6-8

Mozzarella Cheese 250 gms

Cheddar Cheese 250 gms

Breadcrumbs 1 cup

Anday 2

Namak hasbe zaika

Kali Mirch hasbe zaika

Kuti hui laal mirch 1 Chai ka chamach

Mixed jaribotian (mixed herbs) 1 Chai ka chamach

Cooking Oil for frying

Pakanay ka Tareeka:

1- Bread k konay kaat lain or bread ko belan se bel lain.

2- Mozzarella aur Cheddar cheese k slices stick ki tarah kaat lain.

3- 2 ande phaint len phir us main namak, kali mirch, kuti hui laal mirch or mix jaribotian (mixed herbs) shamil karlen.

4- Ab aik bread k slice pr aik mozzarella cheese or aik cheddar cheese ki stick rakhen aur roll karden.

5- Roll ko anday me dip karain aur us k baad breadcrumbs main coat Karen. Sare bread slices pe yehi tareeka dubara dohrayen.

6- 2 minute tak side pe rakhlen take anda jazb hojaye phir corners ko press karke band karlen.

7- Oil garam kar k Bread cheese cigars ko fry karen.

Bread Cheese Cigars serve karne keliye tayar hain.