There is more to ALEXA than meets the eye

Amazon Echo that is more commonly known as Alexa. Most people are not aware of the capabilities Alexa, they just limit this remarkable device for playing music for them or reading the news to be maximum. There is a lot more to Alex than you have discovered a whole spectrum of unimaginable talents that might have left unattended.

Listed below are some of those tremendous features which can be adopted for various business functions.

Organize your business well:

Alexa can be your personal assistant too. You can link your calendar account to Alexa. Alexa will notify you about all the events, the planned meeting each and everything that is on your to-do list, it will also add more items if you want it to. Alexa offers a great deal of you can make use of the quick events skill it offers and manage the conflicting events and can also take care of multiple events in a single day

The most important feature is that Alexa can send out important business texts to the employees and associates. You can create an account and add the necessary contact; the contacts to whom you need to communicate on daily basis. Using this feature can cut out a lot of work and hassle on your behalf, normally assistants or HR personnel send out texts and this process can be time taking but with Alexa, you only need to make several commands.

Placing Orders:

The generic function of Alexa is actually placing orders through Amazon. You cannot have a better logistical provider in your workplace than Alexa; it will take care of all the office essentials and the specific equipment’s you require according to your needs.

To place such orders Alexa requires you link to it by using an Alexa app on your smartphone or you can login through the web. People are reluctant in using Alexa for this specific purpose is because Alexa commands to any voice and anyone else can place orders in your place but this is not a problem just ignorance or lack of an inquisitive mind. Anyone can set a password that can  be dictated verbally to Alexa while placing an order. The best part comes when you track your order; this can be done by asking Alexa that ‘where is my stuff’ and Alexa responds to it.

Translation Skill:

The translation skill is of great use when you have to communicate with people with diverse backgrounds. Alexa can convert word and phrases to a wide range of languages such as German, Russian, Chinese and several others. Alexa can recite phrases for you and it can do it with a lot of patience, it also repeats them if you request it too.

Your Personal Spell Checker and Dictionary:

This is a feature that is one of the basic features of Alexa but this is enormously useful. You can utilize this feature while writing various business emails or other technical articles such as proposals. Normally we stop and google the desired word but Alexa makes things easier for you. You can add another dictionary oriented features and ask Alexa synonyms and set word of the day as well.

These ways ensure that your workflow continues without any obstruction.

Time Tracking Device:

Alexa redefined the definition of being an assistant by giving you proper track of time, the time you spend on different tasks on your list through the Work Time Tracker Skill. This skill has immensely helped people to record their workload more accurately. The business managers and owners can log the working hours spent on various business ventures. This can help in planning the business more efficiently and you can know the shortcomings instantly along with knowing which domain needs more staff.

Alexa also takes you to ventures where you can get acquainted with the new skills Alexa offers this means when you have to search for Alexa skills you don’t need to google it and read about it you can just command Alexa to find your newest skills. Alexa offers a multitude of skills and you just have to unleash its capacities.