Fitness Tracker Smart Band for Android

People are more conscious about their bodies that they have ever been. As technology has changed and modified our daily activities, so many people are looking for a revolutionary gadget which can be their fitness pal. Something that can continuously ping them like a fitness instructor, something they can rely on for keeping the balance in health.

People do not want to spend so much money on gym instructor or counseling neither do they are motivated enough to get on track without any assistance so the answer is loud and clear and that is fitness wearable devices.  These are the devices which can have a positive impact on the health of people by measuring their daily activity in a way no gym instructor or fitness guide can do. They can remain to fasten to your wrist and even can measure your sleep patterns or can give you a sedentary alert.

They are as flashy as smart watches which are massively admired among the public but these devices also have deep purpose associated with them. People these days do not risk their career, work, studies; the thing they compromise on is the health.

Health can be primarily ignored among people with a hectic lifestyle. Everybody wants to lose weight and built them muscles but without the purpose of taking care of their health. So, all the folks with a hyperactive lifestyle but are unable to get a hold of the measurements; this wearable can measure the calories burnt or other essential stats such as measuring the heart rate.

This smart bracelet has a number of features which are knitted so beautifully inside it. The device is waterproof and is built with high-quality silica having an LED touch display. Bluetooth calling is due to which you can instantly receive a phone call reminder. This device is a

Health Tracker

Heart Rate Monitor


Calories Counter,

Distance calculator,

Sleep Monitor

It also has an ant lost feature installed in it along with allowing the feature of wrist recognition which makes it most wristbands. This powerful gadget has a remote control which can control your camera. The interface is also user-friendly and a layman with a little knowledge can easily function with this device.

The ID107 adopt green LED lights are sensitive to the flow of blood through the wrist of the user. The absorption of green light is associated with the blood running through the wrist due to which it can efficiently guide the user of falling or rising pulse rate.

It can easily help you achieve the daily fitness goal because of the deep monitoring system it has which expands its scopes to all the daily activities of a person. It can give you the number of steps you walked and can keep an account of the daily caloric burn.

Not only has this it had an effective sedentary alert system especially for the desk-bound individuals. Another appreciable feature it has is the sleep time record along with an effective alarm system with a vibration alert. All the things which have importance in determining the health of a person are effectively measured by this wristband.

It comes with a huge variety of colors and supports a number of languages.