WhatsApp delete for everyone feature gets new update: Know details to make your life much easier

WhatsApp has introduced a number of new features to make the messaging app more intuitive. Among those new features is one that will make your life a lot easier. It may have happened to a lot of users when files sent to them get accidentally deleted. WhatsApp has a solution for that now. According to WABetaInfo, a popular WhatsApp beta tester, WhatsApp now allows users to download deleted media from their servers again. The report says that WhatsApp continues to store the media files on their servers even after they are downloaded by users.

This is not the first time when WhatsApp has got this feature. It was partially available before as well. The media files that were not downloaded were available for 30 days. When a user has downloaded the media, the file automatically would get deleted from WhatsApp server. WhatsApp has modified this with the new update. Now, WhatsApp doesn’t delete the files from its server even after the former is downloaded by users. This allows the users to download the media file again even if the files have been deleted.

As per the report, files received as early as two months back were successfully downloaded during testing. During testing, it was reported, files sent months ago were downloaded after multiple numbers of tries.

What is interesting is that even with the files stored on their server, the app keeps the things secure. Media files continue to be end-to-end encrypted.

However, one of the biggest caveats is that this feature is now only available for Android users only. iOS users will have to wait for a while to get the new update.